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Drake is a sarcastic character. He is the stereotypical sitcom father - often shirking his parental duties. Drake finds Ugly quite repulsive and isn't afraid to say it to anyone, including his wife. He should have good comic timing and a strong singing voice.

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Drake opens the show singing "A Poultry Tale. A moorhen and Ida's best friend. Originally found on the moors, a moorhen is a hen that lives near the water.

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Maureen genuinely loves Ida, but she can't resist a bit of good gossip. To the little ducklings, she is the typical annoying and overly affectionate "aunt. The sly, cunning villain of the show.

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All of the other animals are deathly afraid of him. The Cat pretends to be Ugly's friend so he can eat him. The actor playing this role which could be played by a male or a female should bring a sense of fun to the character and have a good sense of comic timing. He sings a few songs, but his character allows for many of the lyrics to be "talk-sung.

A somewhat pompous goose and washed-up British military type, Greylag tends to over glorify his mundane activities i. Only his wife, Dot, truly knows how to handle him. He sings a solo in "Wild Goose Chase. A motherly type, she is genuinely concerned with helping Ugly find his mother. Dot doesn't think that Greylag, her husband, is an entirely capable leader, but she kindly humors his "over the top" actions.

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She sings solo as well as with Greylag in "Wild Goose Chase. The geese in Greylag's "squad. A laidback, self confident frog with whom Ugly comes into contact in the second half of the show.

A Poultry Tale

This role can be played by a male or female. The young, beautiful swan that Ugly saves from a tangled fishing net. She is able to see beyond Ugly's looks and she loves him for who he is.

She does not sing solo. The most distinguished duck on the lake. Very aristocratic, she is considered the queen of the duck yard. All of the other animals look up to Grace and respect her. She, of course, is quite aware of this and is therefore a little bit haughty.

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The headmaster of the ducklings' school. The Turkey is a bit snobbish and joins in the fun of teasing Ugly. Here's our guide of what to look for in y While the shelf price of intensively produced chicken is now cheaper, pound for pound, than bread, this film shows that the hidden costs are far greater. One chicken, reared on pasture and organically grown feed, has minimal external impacts and in fact can generate actual benefits. But these hidden costs are not paid by the producer, they are paid by taxpayers and society as a whole. When you add up all these hidden costs, cheaper chicken is not so cheap after all.

But what can we do?

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The film highlights 6 things that can be done to change this destructive system. By calling for these changes, we hope to see a shift towards the creation of a food system that is better for people and the planet. Sign up to our weekly news digest for the latest articles, news and campaigns delivered directly to your inbox. More info Accept and close. Close X.