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Leaving late, she heads down into the main office floor to leave. Kathy finds a group of workers that decide advantage of the opportunity presented to them as she trips over her ass.

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What happens next will leave your waist-line pounding for more ass at every turn. She gets accustomed to her job and the second cock that Locke has introduced to her. Staying at work late, she finishes up, assuming everyone went home, little did she know that she was wrong. Heading down into the main office floor to leave, Kathy encounters a group of workers, and an old friend that decide advantage of the opportunity presented to them as she trips over her ass.

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Eventually she is stripped of her clothing, and her will. Create Widget. About Keather Anthony. Learn more about Keather Anthony. Mac knows what Kendall did. He just doesn't know why she did it. But he gives her a choice: ten days with him to pay off her debt, or jail. He needs time to work out the lust he has had for her since they met.

But something about her confession doesn't sit right with him so he sets out to find the truth. When he takes her to his private island, he realizes he doesn't only want her body, but her story and her heart. If Mac Buchanan were my boss, I would be begging to get caught being bad! He was an Alpha male all the way and knew what he wanted.

Elizabeth Taylor leaves rumoured $1bn fortune as jewels 'to be auctioned off'

The money was nothing to him but Kendall was. I wasn't sure how the book would turn out, if she would share the secret and if her friend would survive, but I found myself happy with how it all came together. This was a good, enjoyable read with just the right amount of heat coming off the pages.

The intensity of Kendall and Mac's attraction is electrifying when Mac discovers that Kendall has stolen money from his company. To repay him, Kendall becomes his personal sex slave and wow! Mac's the very definition of an alpha male and when it's mixed with the submissiveness of Kendall, it's a perfect cocktail for erotic. With an added bonus of a little suspense and a quick romance, this book is exactly what you look for in this genre.

But never in her wildest dreams would Kendall ever believe the nightmare that forced her to steal a million dollars from Mac. Her best friend Ashley has been kidnapped by a sadistic mad man and in order to keep her alive, she must pay. She wrongly believes that she can cover her tracks until Ashely is returned safely. Mac Buchanan is a self-made business man who has succeeds by using ruthless determination, skill and drive.

Known for his dominant nature and desires, the sexy and compelling man knows exactly who he wants and his new financial controller, Kendall van Heusen is it. He gives her a choice either he turns her over to the police or she becomes his personal sex slave until her debt is paid.

The sexually-charged chemistry between Mac and Kendall right from their very first meeting is primitive and explosive and seems to jump off the pages. Mac is an intimating and forceful man who has had to fight for everything in his life.

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The sex between Mac and Kendall is smoking hot, the dialogue perfectly pitched and realistic which all seems to enhance the storyline. The smart and romantic ending will thrill the romantic lover in us all. What the hell am I supposed to think? Or, maybe she was? Perhaps his anger had clouded his reason.

The way she wiped the tears from those beautiful blue eyes was so fucking cute, and he longed to dab them away himself or, better still, kiss them away. Do you understand me, honey? She nodded her acknowledgement. She quickly shook her head. Nothing like that. Almost contemptuously, she then raised her head and stared defiantly at him, apparently unafraid to hold his gaze. No blackmailers. You were right all along. I was greedy, and I took the money because I thought I could get away with it.

And do you know what, Mr. I have a lifestyle to maintain. The anger he initially felt was starting to be replaced by bitter disappointment. Her beauty and charm had obviously blinded him to the soulless money-grabbing bitch she really was. An exquisitely attractive money-grabbing bitch, and one I still want to fuck senseless.

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Truth be known, her callous and totally selfish approach to the whole episode surprised him. Mac folded his arms across his chest and stared at her across the desk. She nodded. So what do you propose? In fact, I demand it of you. He briefly saw a smile arc across her beautiful full lips before fading away as quickly as it came. As she drew closer to him, he reached across and yanked her onto his lap.

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You want me sexually as much as I want you. I own you, mind, body, and soul for the next ten days. When each twenty-four hour period elapses, one hundred thousand dollars of the one million dollars you stole from me will be written off. After ten days under my total and complete control, you will owe me nothing. Do you understand? Perhaps she had used it to buy jewelry, or maybe she had paid off bad debts.

Whatever the reasons, he still wanted his fill of this beautiful woman.

Keeping her contained could work to his advantage, too, as his private investigator Frank Carrell followed the money trail. He picked up the telephone and tapped in , his finger hovering over the call button as he stared directly into her beautiful china-blue eyes. The combination of his tongue swirling around her engorged clit and his finger, or could that be fingers, probing deep inside her ass meant she was close, achingly close to orgasm.

She wanted that ultimate release which lay tantalizingly just out of reach. Right on the edge, she found herself begging again. Then, from out of nowhere, Kendall felt the pressure on her clit suddenly cease, stopping the pre-orgasmic sensations dead in their tracks. You bastard. You did that deliberately. When he stared up into her eyes, a mischievous smile to his face, she saw her own feminine arousal glistening around his mouth and chin.

Christ, she really was wet. Of course not. So…maybe, just maybe.

Torn: A Dark BDSM Romance Novel

As he raised himself from his knees and stood between her legs, which now hung limply over the edge of his desk, she noticed a subtle change in his demeanor and guessed he was rethinking the situation. Without another word, he started to shed his clothes. Not wearing a jacket or tie again, he first removed his shirt, which already had the top two buttons undone.