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Children figure out the truth themselves, at a developmentally appropriate time. In the process, they build their reasoning skills. How Trey Parker and Matt Stone made it for the long haul.

Parental Advisory: explicit content. Kids as young as seven have a good enough sense of logic to work out the truth and why it can be better to lie. What's so wrong about not wanting your child to believe in Santa?

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Most children are not likely to believe that fish live on the moon. What makes children accept some stories and be skeptical about others? Moss' daughter Lila Grace, 17, mingles with stars at Selfridges bash as she makes rare appearance on the party scene Charli XCX sizzles in a deeply plunging gown with daring thigh-high split as she makes a glamorous arrival at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in Madrid I'm A Celebrity: Caitlyn Jenner impresses with her dance moves as Nadine Coyle teaches the camp an iconic Girls Aloud routine Jungle fun Laura Haddock exudes sophistication in a grey blouse and cream coat as she attends launch bash The picture that haunts Prince Andrew is seen in full for the first time: Uncropped image reveals interior Jeremy Corbyn is a danger to national security who is unfit to become Prime Minister, warns former MI6 chief Marco van Basten embroiled in race storm after legend says 'Sieg Heil' live on air Grace Millane killer's flatmate was so scared of him she slept with a knife in bed and feared being alone Question Time audience member who slammed Jeremy Corbyn's 'socialist' manifesto says Labour leader's reply Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson is branded a climate change 'hypocrite' for taking 77 flights in just 18 months as Now Jeremy Corbyn claims his dithering on Brexit is 'mature': Labour tries to rescue debate disaster after Vote fur me!

Could the U.S. Post Office Really Help Prove Santa Exists, Like in ‘Miracle on 34th Street’?

Boris Johnson's dog Dilyn goes walkies on campaign trail Corbyn and his Marxist cronies would take a sledgehammer to the economy, warns Boris Johnson as he prepares Angry mother confronts Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab at a hustings event as she grills him over Tory plans Would you drink a cup of tea made by this man? Boris Johnson prepares a cuppa for his constituents in Anti-cholesterol jab twice a year could herald the end of statins amid hopes treatment will get NHS How turnip tops are the latest must-have delicacy in Britain's top restaurants having been a staple peasant Revealed: First migrant to die trying to cross the Channel drowned after leaping overboard to rescue a baby Haunted by guilt: Husband who fled family home leaving his wife at the mercy of crossbow killer reveals the Prince Andrew was an 'enabler who let Jeffrey Epstein's abuse go on,' says victim's lawyer Lisa Bloom as she Pictured: Prince Andrew enjoys a party at Tramp nightclub just 72 hours after after he 'danced with Virginia Revealed: Prince Andrew stayed at the Bahamas home of fashion tycoon Peter Nygard who paid to settle three The story begins when Kris Kringle is expelled from a nursing home for insisting that he is Santa Claus.

Rather than follow the nursing home doctor's advice of committing himself to a mental institution, he goes to New York City where he fills in for a drunken Santa in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He is so popular that he is hired as the store Santa for the Christmas season and begins to refer customers to arch-rival Gimbels' stores for gifts they can't find at Macy's. Because of the good publicity Macy's allows this, and other stores begin to respond in kind in order to reap similar benefits.

Kris Kringle befriends Susan Walker, the young daughter of practical divorcee and Macy's publicity woman Doris Walker. He begins to awaken Susan's belief in Santa Claus and fairies, much to the delight of the impractical attorney Fred Walker who is in love with Doris. After an examination by the store psychologist, Kris again gets in trouble because of his insistence that Santa is real. To save him from being committed to an institution, Fred arranges a sanity hearing for Kris. The judge finds not only that Kris is sane, but declares him to be Santa Claus after the U.

Post Office delivers addressed letters to Santa from Susan as well as letters from numerous other children to Kris in court. Santa disappears over Christmas eve, the zoo finds their reindeer lathered up the next day, and Fred and Doris declare their love and plan to marry so that Susan can have a normal childhood. Miracle on 34th Street develops several significant themes in the modem American Christmas. It provides miracles that prove Santa's existence to faithful children despite a doubting world of adults. Through the marriage of Fred and Doris it restores the sanctity of the family.

And, as Barnett notes, it provides a rapprochement between the commercial world of shopping, competition, and department stores on one hand and the "Christmas spirit" of goodwill, generosity, altruism, and giving on the other. In fact, the story gains its dramatic impact through the triumph of the latter virtues in the improbable settings of the business world, psychiatry, and the courts. In addition, the story suggests another parallel to Biblical stories of Christ in the restoration of Santa's faith in humans through the faith of a few, in this case children of God perhaps, but also of doubting parents.

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This story provides a more complete legend of Santa Claus, with some parallels to the stories of Baum It begins in "the middle ages" when woodcutter Claus and his wife Anya, who love children but are childless, start out on their reindeer drawn sleigh to deliver the toys Claus has carved to his nephews for Christmas. On the way they encounter a terrible snow storm and fall asleep as the snow drifts around them. They awake at the North Pole in the care of the elf-like vendequrn who "love children because they are small like them.

All goes well until one overly eager elf, Patch Dudley Moore convinces Santa to use his modem automated assembly line in place of "making toys in the classic tradition of Santa Claus' own exquisite hand-crafted, hand-painted creations. Santa is disgraced and Patch is so shamed that he goes to earth in an effort to redeem himself in Santa's eyes. There he meets a greedy toy manufacturer John Lithgow whose dolls have just been investigated by a Senate subcommittee because they have highly flammable clothes and are stuffed with nails and glass shards in an effort to cut costs and earn more profits, despite the danger to children.

Knowing only that he is a big toy maker, Patch volunteers his services to design something that they can give to children next Christmas. Seeing this as a way to restore his company's reputation after the Senate hearings, Lithgow agrees and Patch uses some magic stardust he brought from the North Pole to make suckers that allow children to momentarily fly like Santa's reindeer. When the suckers are distributed by Patch's high tech "Patchmobile" and prove highly popular, Lithgow talks Patch into making even more powerful magic candy canes that they can sell for hundreds of dollars for a March 25th celebration that he dubs "Christmas II".

In the mean time, Santa has befriended a poor orphan boy, Joe, and his rich girlfriend Comelia, who turns out to be the ward of the greedy toy Czar played by Lithgow. When Joe gets ill on the streets, Cornelia secretly takes him into her house where he discovers Lithgow's plans. He and Cornelia warn Santa Claus who comes to earth to save Patch from the load of explosive candy canes he is carrying in the Patchmobile.

Could the U.S. Post Office Really Help Prove Santa Exists, Like in ‘Miracle on 34th Street’?

The evil toy manufacturer is driven into exile by the police, Santa is vindicated in the eyes of children, Patch returns to the North Pole, and Santa and Anya adopt Joe and Cornelia as the children they have always wanted but never had. Besides providing a more complete and sacralizing legend of Santa Claus, Christ-like parallels can be seen in this Santa's resurrection, miracles, humanness, trials, caring, and ultimate triumph.

Here it is children who lose faith and ultimately have it restored.

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Again the themes of the poor and orphans are used to produce sentiment and pity. In Santa Claus The Movie however, the themes of love of money versus love of people and avarice versus altruism are emphasized by pitting the selfless Santa against the greedy manufacturer. Not only is profit condemned more harshly than in Miracle on 34th Street, inhuman mechanical manufacturing is condemned in comparison to the more natural and human scale of Santa's hand-crafted toys.

This film begins with a "Christmas angel," cast against type with Harry Dean Stanton, who is given the task of restoring the faith of a young mother who has lost "the Christmas spirit. Abby, the little girl in the family meets the Christmas angel as she goes to mail her letter to Santa. The angel asks her to give the letter to her mother to mail and the mother fails to do so, showing her lack of faith. She instead depresses her husband who goes for a walk around the block as she heads out on Christmas eve to work a double shift at the supermarket where she is a cashier.

In his escape attempt the man jumps in the father's car, drives off with Abby and her brother, is pursued by the police, and crashes off a bridge into the icy river. No one comes up, but the Christmas angel saves Abby and her brother who come home to learn that their father has died.

With the help of the Christmas angel, Abby goes to the North Pole to visit Santa and implore him to bring her father back to life. Santa explains that he can't do that, but says that her mother can. He gives Abby a letter to Santa written by her mother when she was a little girl.

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When Abby returns and gives her mother the letter, her faith is restored and she goes out to mail Abby's letter to Santa. Just after she does so, she meets her husband who is returning from his walk around the block. Her husband delivers a bike he made for "poor little Molly Monahan" who is quite grateful, he and a friend split the cost of renting a generator so they could light the town Christmas tree that the Town Council wouldn't pay to light, and Abby, her brother Cal, and her mother all see Santa from the attic of the grandparents' house on Christmas eve.

This highly sentimental story has carried the sacralization of Santa one step farther in providing him with the Christ-like power to raise the dead there is a somewhat similar theme in the movie Here Comes Santa Claus- Giln Faith in Santa Claus, the angel named Gideon , and the liminal non-linear time of the miracles in the film Abby's travel to the North Pole, the father's resurrection, Santa's journey around the world all reinforce this sacralization. At the same time, the Nativity, religion, and churches are absent in the film.

This is clearly a secular sacredness. The non-utilitarian values of the idealistic and altruistic father win over the practical and unfeeling values initially held by the mother. The family, the poor, and children all triumph as well. And the mother's second chance after having seen the future echo Scrooge's reformation after his trip with the ghost of Christmas future. One final genre of Christmas film that has emerged in the past several years should be recognized-the Christmas slasher film.

The first of these two films begins with mom, dad, their five-year old son, and an infant brother headed in the car to visit grandpa in a mental asylum on Christmas Eve day. The seemingly silent grandfather gets the five-year old aside and tells him that he had better run for his life when he sees Santa if he hasn't been good all year. The boy, little Billy, tells his parents that he is afraid of Santa Claus, but they try to reassure him. As they head home in the car, a man in a Santa Claus suit holds up a convenience store and shoots the clerk.

As he counts the money he observes, "Thirty-one dollars! Merry fucking Christmas!

Miracle Dirt of Chimayó

Seeing Santa Claus they stop the car. The robber shoots and kills the father and rapes the mother before slashing her throat. Little Billy observes all of this from the bushes where he hides in terror, thinking that this must be his fault because he wasn't good enough. We next see little Billy three years later in an orphanage run by nuns and a stem Mother Superior. There is some evidence that he is disturbed by Christmas when his Christmas drawings show a reindeer with its head cut off and Santa Claus with knives in his back.

Nevertheless, the Mother Superior makes the reluctant child sit in Santa's lap, presumably traumatizing him further. Ten years later Billy gets a job at a toy store during the Christmas shopping season. He is forced to play the store Santa when the regular actor can't make it.

In this role he tells children that they must be good or he'll have to punish them. At the store Christmas party he goes mad and begins a killing spree that brutally does away with seven people before he is shot by the police as he tries to axe-murder the Mother Superior in front of the Children at the orphanage.

These films are a little different from One Magic Christmas. It is worth noting that they have been adamantly picketed when movie theatres have shown them. In fact the horror in the films achieves its impact by stark contrast to much that is sacred in Christmas.

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The Santa of goodwill, generosity, and love is turned into a vicious killer. Childlike credulity and faith is turned into terror. Religion is made an unwitting accomplice in bringing about this reversal. While role reversals are a part of Christmas, they involve gaiety rather than fear and never find Santa changing from good to evil. Similarly, while some authors have criticized the use of Santa Claus in coercing "good" behavior from children Barnett , Wolf , Hagstrom , Schwartz , the American Santa merely threatens and never punishes or fails to reward Belk It appears therefore that the slasher genre of Christmas film is more instructive in emphasizing what Christmas is not than what it is.

At most, they represent a reaction against Christmas that so far has little public support. A more accepted ploy is to use the emotions of Christmas to make heinous crimes seem even more heinous, as in the remake of D.