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On the technical side the author employs a technique called head hopping : you jump from head to head in the same scene and so you can hear the thoughts of different people.

100 Best Fantasy Series Ever

The main pov remains Rezkin, but now and then you get to peek inside the minds of the other characters. Usually this technique is frowned upon and branded as amatorial and a mistake. And I sort of concur. Even if there are notable and masterful examples such as Dune. Overall enjoyment : Prose : 7.

Overall impression: Fuck yeah! One of the best worst series in recent memory.

A Light in the Dark (Dark Stars, book 2) by A K DuBoff

It reads like bad anime and I love it. Exactly how I feel about it. I bought it because it was 1 on Amazon Fantasy, and it was so bad and full of tropes and inconsistencies that it actually didn't matter and turned funny and enjoyable again. Felt like watching a cliche shounen with some popcorn. There's a difference between head hopping and omniscient POV like Dune.

Omniscient has only one POV: the narrator. Obviously, like the name indicates, it's a narrator that knows everything, but that's definitely not the same--the narrator has a single voice, among other differences. Head hopping makes the experience much more jarring and it's considered an amateur mistake for good reasons, IMO. I wasn't a big fan of the book, to be honest. My biggest problem with it was that every character was completely one-dimensional--and the writing didn't help.

A Darkness of Dragons

As much as I love an overpowered or badass main character, I couldn't really get through it when I gave it a try. Maybe another time. Edit: Added a blog post that expanded on the head hopping vs omniscient thing. Even when you write in omniscient you should be consistent with one pov per scene. If you want to use more than one pov per scene you should do it though out the book. Dune does it constantly and that's why it is not random head hopping. Or at least that's how it works now. If you read 's classics, there is a lot of head hopping XD.

On the head hopping thing, I am now sure I agree that it's such a bad thing if done right..

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It is done several times in stormlight archive. Not only when a new chapter starts, but there is several pov swaps during chapters, during a Kaladin chapter we suddenly jump to gaz for a while before going back to Kaladin.

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And Dalinar and Adolin often share characters. I just love the KDT books, Even tho i know it's not a "good" good book. But it still one of my all time favorites. I like to put it like this, KDT is more like a damn good action movie compared to something "deeper" a "good" good movie like shawshank redemption or Schindler's List. But since the 4th book is coming out next year and the second one didn't end in a cliffhanger, I'm going to wait a bit. But I'm definetely going to read it. In the meantime oathbringer gets closer, and I have to reread words or radiance haha.

Rezkin is socially inept unless he has a purpose. Any kind of social function where he needs to just mingle makes him look like a child. Pretty crazy considering that topic is really only becoming a major discussion point in the world now. If you like this book, another great dark fantasy title by Clive Barker is Weave World. Get both on your reading list.

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American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Think about that for a second. It won ALL the major awards for scifi, horror and fantasy. That means it somewhat defies genre, yet is so amazing it has critics raving about how good it is. Shadow has just been released from jail, only to find that his wife was killed in a car accident while giving a blowjob to one of his best friends. On the plane ride home for the funeral, Shadow encounters a strange man called Mr Wednesday, who wants to hire Shadow as a bodyguard. With nothing to lose, Shadow accepts and is thrown into a world that blends myth and reality.

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American Gods has also just been released as a new Amazon TV series. You can either watch that, or read the book first to prime your imagination for a war between deities. Bound by Alan Baxter.

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Bound is a major wildcard in this list. For me, the main character Alex Caine is a lot more interesting than Jack Reacher.

This book barrels along a-mile-a-minute and will leave you panting for air once you finally come up at the end. A really great read from a really great talent in the genre. If you want a free copy of the first book in the dark fantasy Hellbound Trilogy , get it here. For even more dark fantasy options, you can also check out the Goodreads Top 50 list.

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