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On the other hand, there is the more formalistic or structural style of deconstruction, which examines a-historical paradoxes or aporias. Here Derrida in effect is asking: what is freedom. On the one hand, freedom consists in following a rule; but in the case of justice, we would say that a judgment that simply followed the law was only right, not just. Thus a decision aiming at justice a free decision is both regulated and unregulated.

The violent re-institution of the law means that justice is impossible. A decision begins with the initiative to read, to interpret, and even to calculate. The undecidable, for Derrida, is not mere oscillation between two significations. It is the experience of what, though foreign to the calculable and the rule, is still obligated. We are obligated — this is a kind of duty—to give oneself up to the impossible decision, while taking account of rules and law. Justice therefore is always to come in the future, it is never present. There is apparently no moment during which a decision could be called presently and fully just.

Either it has not followed a rule, hence it is unjust ; or it has followed a rule, which has no foundation, which makes it again unjust ; or if it did follow a rule, it was calculated and again unjust since it did not respect the singularity of the case. This relentless injustice is why the ordeal of the undecidable is never past.

Even though justice is impossible and therefore always to come in or from the future, justice is not, for Derrida, a Kantian ideal, which brings us to the third aporia. A just decision is always required immediately. It cannot furnish itself with unlimited knowledge. The moment of decision itself remains a finite moment of urgency and precipitation. The instant of decision is then the moment of madness, acting in the night of non-knowledge and non-rule.

Once again we have a moment of irruptive violence. This urgency is why justice has no horizon of expectation either regulative or messianic. Justice remains an event yet to come. This ability for justice aims however towards what is impossible. It is a kind of thinking that never finds itself at the end. Life and Works 2. There is no secret as such; I deny it. And this is what I confide in secret to whomever allies himself to me.

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This is the secret of the alliance. Languages of the Unsayable , p. Elaboration of the Basic Argumentation: The Worst and Hospitality Throughout his career, Derrida elaborates on the basic argumentation in many ways. La Dissemination , Paris: Seuil, Donner le temps: 1. De la grammatologie , Paris: Minuit, Histoire du mensonge. English translations Acts of Religion , ed. Adieu to Emmanuel Levinas , trs. The Animal that Therefore I am , ed. Aporias , tr. The Archeology of the Frivolous: Reading Condillac , tr. Leavey, Jr. The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume I , tr.

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