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Father turns a blind eye. Caption 4, Der Struwwelpeter: Ausschnitte. Of course, like the apple of my eye. Caption 11, Abenteuer und Sport: Fallschirmspringen.

Meaning of "Märchenstunde" in the German dictionary

Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall. Pride comes before the fall. Worte zu Asche und Staub zu Staub. Words to ashes and dust to dust. The German language is not nearly as widely spoken as some other languages, like Mandarin Chinese or Spanish, for instance. According to a list of languages spoken around the world on Wikipedia , German is the 11th most-spoken language on the planet, with 89 million speakers or about 1.

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Let's start with the obvious:. Germany is doing well, even if next year will undoubtedly be more difficult than this year. Next weekend I will be in Austria. Der Rhein entspringt in den Alpen, in der Schweiz. The Rhine has its source in the alps, in Switzerland. So far, so good. Most people know that German is spoken in the three countries listed above, but have no idea where to go from there.

Let's start with the small country of Liechtenstein:. Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein , Austria, and the Netherlands. A spicy ending to a surprisingly interesting journey through unknown Luxembourg. Caption 62, Reisebericht: Luxemburg. The national language of Luxembourg is Luxembourgish, but German is also an officially recognized language. And the last country where German is, surprisingly for some, considered a nationwide, co-official language:. Vor allem aus Belgien … kommen immer mehr Campingfans.

Above all from Belgium … more and more camping fans are coming. Captions , Reisebericht: Luxemburg.

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French and Flemish are the dominant languages in Belgium, but some districts near its eastern border with Germany speak predominantly German. This week we are going to review one aspect of telling the time in German that should be easy for intermediate and advanced German speakers, but a bit tricky for beginners. Heute morgen um Viertel nach sechs ist die Nationalmannschaft in Frankfurt gelandet. This morning at a quarter past six, the national team landed in Frankfurt.

Caption 16, Umfragen: Nach der WM. Es ist Viertel vor acht. It is a quarter till eight. In American English, when the clock reads , it is called "one thirty", but the informal British English equivalent is "half one. Es ist jetzt halb eins. It is now twelve thirty. Caption 23, Jenny zeigt uns: Das Heidelberger Schloss.

So as you see, the British English "half one" is , but the German halb eins is In some German dialects, instead of saying Viertel vor , they say drei viertel or "three quarters. Note too that for grammatical reasons, Viertel nach and Viertel vor are capitalized, but halb and drei viertel are not. It is also important to note that the word Uhr , in this context the equivalent of "o'clock," is not used when telling the time with time divisions.

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At 10 o'clock you say it is zehn Uhr , but at you simply say it is Viertel nach zehn , omitting the word Uhr. We've all heard the English idiom "to kick the bucket," which means "to die. There is, however, a German idiom relating to the word "bucket" with negative connotations:. Dann ist das ganze Lied im Eimer.

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  4. Then the whole song is in the bucket. If Thorsten is not accepted at the HSV his career will be in the bucket. If someone or a situation is im Eimer, it means he or she or the situation is completely ruined. According to the Duden Dictionary, Eimer in this case is alluding to der Abfalleimer , or trash can.

    Der Eimer is also German slang for an old ship or an old car. This has English parallels in the slang expression "rust bucket" for an old boat or an old car. If you are familiar with a few of the German adjectives on the topic, you will be better prepared to react calmly and rationally, belying the accusation by the very coolness of your manner.

    Sag mal, spinnst du? Tell me, are you crazy? Caption 58, Mama arbeitet wieder: Papa ist weg. Bei euch piept's wohl! It's really chirping with you!

    The verb piepen in its standard usage means to make a high, whistling sound like a bird, but bei jemandem piept es is a slang idiom for suggesting they are crazy. Hast du eine Macke oder was? Do you have a defect or something? The term geisteskrank was a formal term in decades past, but is now considered outdated.

    The person you are accusing might really be crazy, after all! The song "She loves you" was also released in as "Sie liebt dich," and you can listen to it here. The expression is also the climax of a classic fairy tale:. Oh, Biest! Ich liebe dich. Es ist mir egal, wie du aussiehst. Oh, Beast! I love you. It doesn't matter to me how you look. Ich habe mich in dich verliebt. I've fallen in love with you.