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By Dylan Heneck on Dec 21, Somebody just honked behind me that went perfectly in time with the song I'm listening to.

  • "Martha" ~ Tom Waits.
  • Alexandre Tansman his life and works for the guitar (biographys Musicians Book 1).
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Occasionally when I think about someone they'll call me out of the blue. A car that stopped across me at the traffic light yesterday had my bank pin in the cor Alligator - Rafale. Tags: Editor's Pick , indie disco , synth pop , blonde redhead. Tags: female vocalist , indie rock , alternative rock.

By Almond Ivan on Sep 19, Irresponsible drinking can get you a lot of places. I used to wake up in strange places when I was a bit more irresponsible, back when I was drinking every day. I've woken up with a lot of regret, but at least I woke up.

Summer Salt - Speaking Sonar. Tags: Editor's Pick , indie pop , bedroom pop , melancholy. By Dylan Heneck on Aug 21, My legs are crossed in an uncomfortable manner, I'm slouching like a sine curve personified, I will not leave this bed until the "Speaking Sonar" review is done.

Misery can be delicious too. Here are 50 super-sad songs to prove it

Summer Salt Sounds like: Nick Cave , Kirin J. Callinan , The Triffids.

Tags: soul , the national , melancholy. Their brand of nostalgic Brit-pop is heavy on charm, but also has a ghostly quality that gives their material added depth.

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As expected given their name, Memoryhouse are unmatched at evoking nostalgia and yearning. The band has been mostly quiet since their debut LP dropped a couple years back, but this highlight is still an ideal soundtrack to chilly autumn nights. Her crystalline voice adds comfort to the sparse musical backdrop, like a sweater that fits tight in just the right places.

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77+ Sad Songs That Make You Cry

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