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McGinty Family Fun Day a big draw in Foxboro | Local News |

We need equal pay for equal work, an increase in the minimum wage, and more affordable health care and help for working families to pay for child care, which is increasingly one of the largest expenses families face. I know Katie McGinty will fight for these policies because the belief that every child and every family should have a fair shot at the American dream is part of who she is.

When a child learns more earlier in life, they earn more later.

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Simply put, ensuring that every child has access to Pre-K is an essential part of the economic foundation of the 21st century. I know that Katie McGinty will be the kind of Senator who prioritizes early education and ensures that every child has the opportunity for a strong, smart start in their life.


If Republicans retain their majority in the next Congress, then the agendas of a President Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and the extreme right could become a reality. Republican Senate candidates across the country are campaigning on an agenda that would allow children who have a pre-existing medical conditions to be denied quality health care by insurance companies, would allow Wall Street to return to the same reckless behavior that crashed our economy and would ensure hundreds of billions in tax cuts for the wealthiest few.

If we work to elect Katie McGinty, she will be part of a new majority that will do its job by ensuring future nominees to the Supreme Court are given due consideration.

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    • For every good and service that we are procuring, are we buying from local companies invested in our communities? We should and need to be. And the way we did that is to say, look, the Commonwealth is the biggest consumer of energy in Pennsylvania. So, we put our energy purchasing dollars to work to buy from those companies that were hiring Pennsylvanians.

      And what I think we need to do is fully understand any pollution that would be associated with the plant. And ensure that all the right controls and requirements and rules are in place to capture and cut that pollution. It still bothers me to see all the Oklahoma and Texas license plates. Should we proceed with fracking and if so what is the best way to do it?

      I think that we need to regulate it, zone it, tax it. In the previous administration with Gov. So, these are things we need to change. We need to get those right. And make sure that these resources are working for us. However, your opponent Sen. Toomey contends that you turned government posts and taxpayer aid into six-figure positions with environmental and energy companies, including one that was a major shareholder in Gamesa.

      Guest Column: Casey Explains McGinty Endorsement

      How do you answer his allegations? Every independent organization that has fact checked his ads and assertions have repeatedly said his ads are wrong, they are misleading, they are false, time and time again. But what I am very proud about is that, whether I have been in the private sector or the public sector, I have also been about the same thing and that is creating jobs while protecting the environment. What Sen.

      Records show Senate hopeful's brother graduated college before she did

      Case in point is this situation with Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo oversaw the defrauding of some 2 million accounts including innocent victims here in Pennsylvania. And what has Pat Toomey done? And I come at it from two perspectives. One as a mom with daughters who are now teenagers and who want to be out and about and seeing the world and that makes our hearts happy but every time they walk out the door, your heart is in your mouth.

      And I come at it from the perspective also of the daughter of a police officer where we knew that experience of kissing dad good-bye in the morning not knowing is he coming back home for dinner tonight. And I think there are some pragmatic things that we have to do as well. I have proposed and have been pushing hard for doubling something called the COPS program. I have proposed to double it. Unfortunately, Pat Toomey has led the charge to end the program for various places in Pennsylvania or at the very least to cut the COPS program.

      I think we need to have body cameras. Those are things I think we can and should do. But I will say that my heart is very, very heavy about where we find ourselves.

      Full Interview With U.S. Senate Candidate Katie McGinty

      My own brothers were hunters. I think one that everybody agrees on, but unfortunately Senator Toomey voted against, we have a loophole in our gun safety laws in the United States right now that allows suspected terrorists in this country to buy the weapons of war and then turn them against innocent people in our country. Toomey voted against it.