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The seeds are now coming to flower in the form of thousands of projects infused with human values. The teacher, called by some "the best kept secret of the 20th century," was Rudolf Steiner. Steiner, a truly "Renaissance man," developed a way of thinking that he applied to different aspects of what it means to be human. Over a period of 40 years, he formulated and taught a path of inner development or spiritual research he called, "anthroposophy.

Art, architecture, drama, science, education, agriculture, medicine, economics, religion, care of the dying, social organization - there is almost no field he did not touch. Today, wherever there is a human need you'll find groups of people working out of Steiner's ideas. There are an estimated ten thousand initiatives worldwide - the movement is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, social and political activism, artistic expression, scientific research, and community building.

Many thanks to the authors of this article, Christopher Bamford and Eric Utne, who generously allowed for its use here. Close Menu. As a completely penniless young man, Molt with great energy built up his cigarette factory in Stuttgart. The World War was an incision.

Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925)

In , the establishment of a school began to be put into practice. Molt immediately started an adult education school for his workers.

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Molt was the driving force and pressed ahead with the project with incredible commitment. In planning the school, Steiner initially pictured an Austrian middle school with ten classes.

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In the future, it was to be supplemented by two classes of general studies and then an institution of higher education. Alongside this there was to be a further education school for the children of workers who had left school at an earlier stage, a vocational school. That represented a whole range of developments. He remained involved with the school until the end. Just read the last letters to the teachers and children which he wrote shortly before his death.

DE The whole thing is basically a vision. If we look closely at the beginning of Foundations , Steiner speaks about a school which does not yet exist. He had no fixed idea about what it should become in concrete terms.

He wanted to describe the development of the child on the basis of anthroposophy and then from that develop a set of instruments for practical application. Steiner was, I always like to say, one of the great initiators of the last century but not prescriptive. When today we quote Steiner prescriptively, then in my view we are missing the point of what he intended. Because if you actually look at his words, it always says: you have to develop it.

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Teachers are to be encouraged so that they are independently in a position to shape the teaching content: an artistic process! The curriculum is the children. We have bungled in enshrining the curricula. If you look, many things in the practice of Waldorf schools has meanwhile become questionable in a real sense.

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Turning towards the child is something which not just Waldorf schools can do today. Many teachers in other schools follow this method. EK Molt transferred all his assets to the school? Emil Leinhas became its director.

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Molt had different plans but was overruled. He subsequently got into financial difficulties and his health suffered. Yet his company was the only one that would have been able to survive.

He nevertheless stayed loyal to Steiner and his school. It is due to Molt that it did not compromise with the Nazi rulers after and become a state experimental school. Imagine if the Americans had found out in that such plans existed: the whole school movement would have been stopped at that point. Stay Connected. Case for Support Capital Campaign Gifts.

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