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With the help of the improved orbit determination — the moon has advanced about 12 kilometres with respect to its previously predicted position along its orbit — it was possible to calculate those precise times when the shadow observations could be made. You have already liked this page, you can only like it once! An animation of the shadow of Phobos on the surface of Mars When it is between the Sun and Mars, Phobos casts a small and diffuse shadow onto the Martian surface.

Phobos in colour, close-up Since HRSC scans the surface synchronised with the flight velocity of Mars Express, it takes some time to cover the shadow in its full dimension.

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Tonight's Sky — Select location. Tonight's Sky — Enter coordinates. UTC Offset:. What it takes to be a space pilot. The Sky This Week from November 8 to Picture of the Day Image Galleries. Learn about the Moon in a great new book.

Shadows on the Moon: A tale of ephemeral beauty, humans and hubris

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