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Cancelling debt and freeing slaves was undoing this injustice. There is historical evidence for debt jubilees — cancellations — in Babylon, dating back almost 4, years.

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Such cancellations happened in response to peasant uprisings. The idea of a debt jubilee has continued to inspire people through history. In the s, campaigners for debt cancellation for countries in the global south decided to call for a Jubilee for the year Jubilee Debt Campaign is the organisation in the UK which has continued and evolved that campaign. Yes, but not the one that is usually reported. Since the global financial crisis of , the UK government has been able to borrow at record low interest rates 1. This huge debt, especially that of banks, helped cause the financial crisis of Jubilee Debt Campaign is focused on campaigning and advocacy on debt issues.

We do not provide advice services. If you are facing personal debt problems and looking for help and advice there are several free advice services that you can access:. National Debtline can help you to budget and prioritise your debts. For a compilation of telephone debt advice numbers click here. Click here to learn about how debt is affecting people around the world.

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Join the hundreds of supporters who give each month to make our work possible. Order printed materials, including action cards, briefings and educational resources. Join the global movement for debt justice! First Name. Top links Making a will Child maintenance - where to start Complaining about social care services What does it mean to have power of attorney?

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Child abuse - advice and support Advice for people affected by child abuse. Law and courts Legal system Claiming compensation for a personal injury Discrimination Parking tickets Civil rights. Top links Making a small claim Help for victims of rape and sexual violence.

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Top links Getting a visa for your spouse or partner Getting a visa for family and friends Staying in the UK after a divorce If you've overstayed your visa or leave If you're in the UK illegally After you get refugee status View all in Immigration. NHS and adult social care complaints Find out how to complain about your doctor or health visitor. Top links Find your local Citizens Advice Volunteer with us Jobs in our network Press releases Our blogs Read what we're saying about a range of issues. England This advice applies to England: England home Advice can vary depending on where you live.

Stopping bailiffs if you don't owe the debt This advice applies to England Print. Before you speak to bailiffs, check the extra rules they should follow if you: are disabled or seriously ill have mental health problems have children or are pregnant are under 18 or over 65 don't speak or read English well are in a stressful situation like recent bereavement or unemployment You might be able to get more time to deal with the notice of enforcement if you're in one of these situations.

Did this advice help? Yes No. Why wasn't this advice helpful? It isn't relevant to my situation. It doesn't have enough detail. I can't work out what I should do next. I don't understand.

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