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Uncle Tom's Cabin

The parallels were close enough for prominent African-Americans to take notice. Stowe and Messrs. I do not know what you may think about it; but it strikes me that this would be but just and right.

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Played by white men in blackface, Tom was a caricature, an old hunchback with poor English who would happily sell out his own race to curry favor with his owner. Even though the novel was the best-selling book of the century, considerably more people saw one of these racist performances than read the book. The dates correspond exactly to the time during which he drafted the Emancipation Proclamation. But it is clear that the northern writer used her celebrity platform to powerfully sway public opinion toward emancipation.

As Radical Republican leader and U. He supported black families whose husbands and fathers went off to fight in the Civil War. He ran businesses in Canada to employ black refugees. In , at age 87, Henson did a plus city speaking tour of the United Kingdom to relieve himself of debts shouldered on behalf of the work at Dawn, and Queen Victoria invited him to Windsor Castle. Sixteen years after the Civil War ended, Rutherford B. Hayes entertained him at the White House. Henson died in Dresden, Ontario, in at the age of 93; the New York Times obituary included his literary connection in the first line.

Bells rang from the churches, and most of the businesses closed for the service. Black musicians performed hymns, and 50 wagons followed his casket in a nearly two-mile procession to the graveside. Thousands of black and white attendees paid their respects.

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If my humble words in any way inspired that gifted lady to write… I have not lived in vain; for I believe that her book was the beginning of the glorious end. Continue or Give a Gift.

Or, Life Among the Lowly

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    Clare buys Tom from the slave trader and takes him with the family to their home in New Orleans. Tom and Eva begin to relate to one another because of the deep Christian faith they both share. During Eliza's escape, she meets up with her husband George Harris, who had run away previously. They decide to attempt to reach Canada. However, they are tracked by a slave hunter named Tom Loker. Eventually Loker and his men trap Eliza and her family, causing George to shoot him in the side. Worried that Loker may die, Eliza convinces George to bring the slave hunter to a nearby Quaker settlement for medical treatment.

    Back in New Orleans , St. Clare debates slavery with his Northern cousin Ophelia who, while opposing slavery, is prejudiced against black people.

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    Clare, however, believes he is not biased, even though he is a slave owner. In an attempt to show Ophelia that her views on blacks are wrong, St. Clare purchases Topsy, a young black slave, and asks Ophelia to educate her. After Tom has lived with the St. Clares for two years, Eva grows very ill.

    Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Before she dies she experiences a vision of heaven , which she shares with the people around her. As a result of her death and vision, the other characters resolve to change their lives, with Ophelia promising to throw off her personal prejudices against blacks, Topsy saying she will better herself, and St. Clare pledging to free Tom. Before St. Clare can follow through on his pledge, however, he dies after being stabbed outside a tavern.