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So you'll need to order it online, or find a free alternative. I have absolutely no experience with free disk partitioners, but please send me a note if you've used one and I'll add that information here.

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If you do end up partitioning your hard drive to make room for Vista, note that you will want to backup all of your important data first as a precaution. You will also need enough free space on the drive to make a new partition; I recommend at least 10 GB. Good partitioning tools like PartitionMagic work non-destructively, but this is your data we're talking about here, so do the right thing and backup first, just in case.

If you haven't yet installed XP, do so now. If you are doing this from scratch, I do have one bit of advice: In Step 5 of the aforementioned article, you'll see a part of XP Setup where you choose the installation partition. Instead of selecting the entire hard drive, use this part of Setup to delete whatever partitions are present and then create two partitions, one for XP and one for your eventual Vista install.

Install XP to the first of the two partitions. Then, move on to Step 6 per the article. Note: While the Windows Vista Setup routine includes dramatically improved disk utilities when compared to XP Setup, the one thing it cannot do is take an existing partition, shrink it non-destructively, and then create a new partition for Vista.

This kind of functionality would be a killer addition to Vista Setup, no? If XP is installed on the only partition on the only hard drive in your PC, run the XP disk defragger and then use a tool such as PartitionMagic to non-destructively resize that partition and make space for a new Vista partition at the end of the disk. If you already have a second partition, or a second hard drive, you can install Vista to that location. Once you have a free partition or hard drive to which to install Vista, place the Vista Setup DVD in the drive and turn off your computer.

You're ready to start the dual boot install process. Do not do this! The reason for this is a bit hard to explain, but bear with me: The results are worth it. Here's what's happening. Ideally, in the simplest possible system configuration, you will end up with three "drives" as denoted by the standard drive letters we all know and love:. While it's not strictly necessary, I find it simpler if the current version of Windows--that is, the version to which you have booted on a dual boot system--is always listed as the C: drive.

Thus, when you boot into XP, your drive layout should look like the list above. However, when you boot into Vista, it should look like this:. If you initiate Vista Setup as described above, this is what your drives will look like in Vista. If you do so from within XP, they will resemble the first list, where the current system, Vista, is installed to the D: drive instead of C:.

OK, let's get started with Vista Setup. OK, if you're ready with a PC that has XP installed and at least one blank partition, you're good to go. Let's get started. If you see a message about hitting a key to boot the DVD, do so.

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Otherwise, the PC will simply launch into Setup and display a black text-based screen with the message "Windows is loading files For most people, the default values will already be correct, but make any needed changes and click Next to continue. In this phase of Setup, you can choose between installing the OS "Install now" or repairing a problematic, perhaps non-booting, Vista install "Repair your computer".

Click "Install now" to continue. After a brief pause, a screen appears in which you can optionally enter your product key and choose to have Windows automatically activate the OS installation i. As per my advice in the Clean Install part of this series, do not type in your product key and do not let Windows automatically activation the install. Leave the product key field blank and uncheck the item titled "Automatically activate Windows when I'm online. Because you have left the product key field blank, Vista Setup wonders if you're sure about this decision and asks if you'd like to correct your wicked ways and go back and enter the product key.

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Click No to continue. Setup now prompts you to select the Vista version you have purchased. Be careful here: There are two versions of both Vista Home Basic and Vista Business listed; the versions with N at the end of their name are designed for the European Union only and do not include Windows Media Player You almost certainly do not want to install these versions of Windows Vista by mistake. Check the item titled "I accept the license terms" and then click Next to continue. Because there is already a version of Windows found on the PC's hard drive, Vista Setup will provide two options, Upgrade and "Custom advanced ".

Click the "Custom advanced " option to continue. Here, you will see a graphical representation of your PC's hard drive s , giving you the option to select a partition to which to install Windows Vista. Given the prerequisites for dual booting, you should see at least two partitions: One that contains XP and one that is empty and ready for Vista. For best results, select the Vista partition, click Drive Options, and then click Format. This way, we can be sure that the Vista partition is empty.

Note, however, that formatting the partition will effectively destroy any data stored on there. As described in the Clean Install instructions, this phase of setup proceeds through four steps: Copying Windows files almost instant , expanding files, installing features blink and you'll miss it , and installing updates. After this, Setup reboots the PC. You'll see the "Windows is loading files" and standard boot screens, and then Setup will move into a text-like screen that says, "Please wait a moment while Windows prepares to start for the first time.

Here, a basic set of hardware drivers for your particular PC are installed. K ansas, meanwhile, holds Democratic caucuses.

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The state is traditionally a Republican stronghold. Despite its rural image, Kansas' population increasingly lives in a metropolitan area. A slight majority of Kansas residents now live in five counties, which include Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka and Wichita. Hispanics are a growing political voting bloc.

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A large number of Latinos now work in meatpacking factory towns, and Hispanics accounted for nearly half of Kansas' population growth in the s. The most Democratic area is in Kansas City, as well as the state capital, Topeka. The Republican base is in the suburbs of Kansas City and the state's rural western counties. M assachusetts is a major Democratic stronghold. No Republican has carried the state in a presidential election since Reagan narrowly defeated Walter Mondale in Romney served only one term in Massachusetts.

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  • Massachusetts Republicans tend to favor perceived moderates in presidential primaries -- such as Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford and George H. In terms of an overall share of the vote, Massachusetts was McCain's best state in the primaries, beating Bush by 33 points. M innesota, long seen as a bastion of liberalism, has become much more of a battleground recently. The state's often unpredictable voting patterns propelled several liberal state candidates.

    Minnesota has also become much more closely contested in presidential campaigns, tilting narrowly Democratic in and No Republican since Richard Nixon in has carried the state in a presidential general election.

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    This is the longest Democratic streak of any state in the nation, not counting Washington D. Minnesota Democrats generally run strong in Minneapolis-St. Paul, as well as in the state's northern counties. Republicans tend to do well in the western suburbs of Minneapolis-St.

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    • Paul, as well as around Rochester and western areas of the state. M issouri is one of the nation's most reliable bellwethers in presidential politics. For the last century to -- it has voted for the winning presidential candidate in every election but one: going for Adlai Stevenson over Dwight Eisenhower in The state's Democratic base is around urban areas such as St.