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Moab was to the south of Israel. These three countries were round Israel. But they did not listen to him or obey Him. Instead, they had trusted other nations to help them. The people felt safe. The people in Jerusalem should cry aloud because of their troubles. He would remove the leaders and the nations that Israel asked for help. They thought that they would be safe. But they had been wicked.

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So the enemy would come and ruin proud Jerusalem. When a woman has a baby, the pain comes suddenly. Trouble would come to the people suddenly and they would cry because of their shame. The ring would show my authority. But still I will pull you off.

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That is as sure as I am alive. I will hand you over to the people of whom you are afraid. I will hand you over to Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, and his armies. Neither of you were born in that country. But both of you will die there. He is like an object that nobody wants. The enemy will throw out him and his children. The enemy will send them into a country that they do not know.

Say that he has no children.

He is a man who will have no success. None of his children will have success. None of them will become king like David. None of them will rule over Judah. Verse 24 Jehoiachin also was called Jeconiah Jeremiah The shorter form of his name was Coniah Jeremiah He became king after the death of his father, Jehoiakim.

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But he ruled for only three months before King Nebuchadnezzar took him away to Babylon. The ring on a finger of the right hand showed that its owner had authority. That ring had the king's name on it. He used it to sign his name on his official records and on his own possessions.

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Verses Both Jehoiachin and his mother, Nehusta, 2 Kings would go into a country that was strange to them. They would want to return to their own country. But they would die in Babylon. Like the pot, Jehoiachin was not good. The pot was broken. Jehoiachin was like a broken pot because he had no use. The enemy would throw him and his children into a foreign country. Verse 29 Jeremiah said the word 'country' three times.

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It shows that Jeremiah was talking about his country. He loved his country but soon the enemy would destroy it. That is like Jesus, who wept about Jerusalem Luke Verse 30 They kept a record of the number of people in the nation. But they had to record that Jehoiachin had no children. In fact, he had seven sons 1Chronicles But none of his children would become king after him. The next king, Zedekiah, was not Jehoiachin's son.

Later his grandson, Zerubbabel, became ruler to govern Judah. But he was not the king Haggai He allowed Jehoiachin to live in the royal palace Jeremiah People have found records in the palace in Babylon. They were flat pieces of hard mud on which people had written. But they will happen when God creates the new heaven and the new earth.

They are destroying and are scattering the sheep. You have forced them away. And you have not taken care of them. I will bring them out from all the countries where I have forced them. I will bring them back to their own country. There my sheep will have many young sheep and they will increase in number.

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My sheep will not be afraid any longer. They will not be very frightened. He will rule as king. The Branch will do the right things. He will do the right and fair things in the country. And Israel will live in safety. This is the name that they will call him. He brought them out from all the countries to which he had made them go. The sheep were the ordinary citizens in Judah.

Zedekiah was a weak king. He allowed his officials to plan Jeremiah's death. He told them that the king could do nothing to oppose them Jeremiah And they did not look after their people. Those bad leaders had not shown the people how to live in the right way.

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Isaiah spoke about leaders who would rule in a fair way. They would be like a shelter from danger Isaiah He would die on behalf of the sheep John It would grow from the roots of a tree that had fallen down. Isaiah used a similar description Isaiah That new king would be fair and he would rule wisely. Like David, he would rule over Judah. His behaviour was very different from his name. He did not do right and fair things. Verses These verses repeat Jeremiah They are a promise. In the future he would bring them out from the north.

Ezekiel Jeremiah has spoken against the political rulers of Judah. My mind is broken inside me. My bones tremble with worry.